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Water Proof Beach Box (#LWB14)
Imprint: Elks Logo
Water tight closure keeps valuables safe and dry. Includes lanyard.
Lifetime Guarantee.

250 minimum
Price: $0.75 ea
Water Bottle (#BIKE20-FDP)
Imprint: Elks Logo
20 oz. water bottle featuring a leak resistant push pull lid.
Available with a Red, Green, Blue, or Black lid.

300 minimum
Price: $1.08 ea
Yukon Stylus (#YKN970)
“I’m Writing Off Drug Use!”
& Elks Logo
Plastic Pen - Colored barrel and cap.

Chrome tip, clip and top ring, black center
ring, black rubber stylus.
Available in Black, Red, or Blue

300 minimum
Price: $0.91 ea
Puzzler Pen (#PUZ99)
Imprint: "Puzzle It Out-Drug Free!" & Elks logo
Clear plastic case surrounds a challenging
2 ball maze game.

Available in Blue, Neon green, Neon Pink, Red, or Yellow

300 minimum
Price: $0.57 ea
6” Beach Ball (#BBLSIX)
Imprint: Elks Logo
Summer and beach balls go
hand in hand. Measuring 6”
from tip to tip when inflated.
Made out of PVC.
Colors Available: Green/White,
Blue/White, Red/White &

150 minimum
Price: $0.99 ea
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